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Enhance code review, collaborate and document with meeting insights
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Improve code review meetings

Demo what you built

Present, transcribe and share what your code does and how it does it so no one’s left guessing where it surfaces

Centralize team knowledge

Record your review

Walkthrough suggestions, tasks, follow-ups, and share knowledge for a more meaningful feedback loop

Collaborate asynchronously

Crush the bugs

Replicate and record bugs to document issues in detail so you and your team can resolve them faster


Action items and follow-ups
Share links and assign tasks using Noty integration
Connect and collaborate with other teams

Improve team collaboration

Discuss trade-offs, demo options, and clarify requirements. Share and document team knowledge

Create knowledge base

Collect and organize all the information your team needs in one easy-to-access place

Code repositories

Accelerate contributions by transcribing what commands do and how to debug common errors

Systems architecture

Walkthrough architecture diagrams to document the flow of information through your systems