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Improve outreach

Make it actionable

Transcribe intro calls, analyze presentation and discussed points to accelerate your sales

Accelerate sales cycles

Pre and post-meeting recaps

Make meetings productive by preparing sales scripts and following them during intro or sales calls

Optimize performance

Objection handling

Send a more meaningful response to address questions, concerns, and alternative solutions in minutes with Noty


Action items and followups
Share meeting transcriptions and agreed points
Insights and analysis

Ensure important information is never lost again

Export your Engagement Insights data to see what’s landing with prospects. Train your team and stay aligned, share transcriptions and summaries, meeting analytics and make sales best practices easy to access.

Ramp customers faster

Transcribe training sessions, product demos, and onboarding content to get new hires up to speed and ready to sell. Let product and sales teams learn trends of feature requests and objections so they can proactively build the right product.

Measure performance and engagement of Sales Team

Unlock hidden insights from sales calls to improve objection handling and deal closing. Get full visibility into sales calls with automatic recordings and transcripts. Learn what’s working and what’s not with topic and talk pattern trends.

Bring everyone to the table

Analyze trends of competitor mentions, objections, or feature requests for data-driven and personalized coaching. Learn the talk patterns of top reps to coach others accordingly. Identify winning talk patterns of top reps and coach others in less time compared to shadowing live calls.