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Team collaboration

Engage your team and collaborate

Stop taking detailed notes during the meeting. Focus on the conversation, highlight important insights and assign tasks. Keep everyone in the loop and on track with communication that scales

Highlight important

Capture Key Items

Highlight, Tag & Mark key items within your meetings with ease. Edit & Collaborate on your meeting notes in real-time in Noty platform or Google doc

Share bullet points


Simple effective summaries, in-depth analysis of your meeting insights. Create summaries with the key information required to keep your team up to speed


Capture discussed topics
Increase team productivity
Foster team collaboration

Brainstorming sessions

There are tons of brainstorming sessions happening when you are an early-stage startup. With Noty you can be sure you are not losing any idea,  feature or task.

Sprint planning and reporting

Noty summarizes action items. All assignments with responsible persons, due dates are written down. We don’t have to worry about missing any details and information will not disappear into thin air once the meeting is over.

Investor meetings

With Noty you can access key parts of the conversation to refresh it and track the exact questions that were raised. We analyze questions,  responses and suggest improvements for you to become better prepared for the next meetings.

Mentors/advisors meetings

It is so important to be supported by advisors and mentors. With Noty you have the ability to come back to the content later, refresh the pieces of advice given. gives you peace of mind - all conversations are always there.