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Team collaboration

Engage your team and collaborate

Focus on the conversation, highlight important insights and assign tasks. Keep everyone in the loop and on track with communication that scales

Highlight important

Capture Key Items

Highlight, Tag & Mark key items within your meetings with ease. Edit & Collaborate on your meeting notes in real-time in Noty platform or Google doc

Share bullet points

Summaries and action items

Simple effective summaries, in-depth analysis of your meeting insights. Create summaries with the key information required to keep your team up to speed


Capture discussed topics
Increase team productivity
Foster team collaboration

Use integration with your Task Management platform

Never miss a beat, use asynchronous communication to share information with ease, to people within or outside your organization

Accelerate feedback loops

Convey tone, mark up your screen, and record in context to give clear and more constructive feedback

Streamline standups

Report on progress with more flexibility for your team and with no extra effort to document

Bring everyone to the table

Surface the best ideas with a platform to facilitate more bottom's up and distributed collaboration