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Video Call transcription

Noty transcribes each word said during meetings and stores conversation transcription on your devices or in the cloud. Access them anytime from any device safely from your account.

Summaries and analytics

Keep track of all your meetings with Noty conversational intelligence. Bulleted summaries, action items, tasks, calendar invites will be generated and automatically transferred to your CRM or Calendar.

Collaboration and integrations

Share access to your meeting insights with your team. Send a meeting summary to your clients just right after the call via link or email. Export your data to productivity tools you are already working in.

  • Losing meeting information?
    Capture and find what you need. Stop losing information, keep each detail of conversation and a confirmation of what has been discussed and agreed.
  • Distracted by note taking?
    Increase meeting productivity by being focused on active listening and participation. Recall important information from the meeting in seconds.
  • Too much meetings to read transcript?
    Get meeting summaries, action items and follow-ups. Search across everything by summary keyword to see all instances in a meeting, edit, organize and share your conversations from any device.
  • Unproductive meetings?
    Improve quality of meetings, send better quality outputs and follow up to attendees and to those who were unable to attend a meeting. Save time and automate manual tasks, like sending follow-up and action items.
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Record, summarize, collaborate
  • Meetings are transcribed and saved to your personal account
  • Search across meeting transcript, get bulleted summaries, keywords and action items
    Share across the team or send a link to client or partner
  • Export to Google Doc, Slack or Notion
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“I was in a meeting with some really important people. And all I had to remember was when our next meeting should be. I didn't take the note properly. So, I had no idea… But then I remembered that I have Noty. I went back to the conversation and I’ve found the date.”

Yannick, CEO at Sheetgo
CEO at Sheetgo

Security & Privacy

At Noty we take privacy and data security as our top priority and are building a company culture around it. We ensure that Noty team is focused on providing the most secure solution for our customers.

Data security

Noty servers are located on ISO/IEC 27001/27017/27018/27701, SOC 1/2/3, PCI DSS, and FedRAMP certified data centers. Transmission of all information between your device and our servers is protected using TLS 1.3 encryption.

GDPR compliant

Noty is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). Read our Privacy policy. We are fully transparent about what data we collect and process - check it out in Privacy for Humans.